About Us

About Us

Mega Laser Asia Ltd was a mastermind creation of individuals with multiple talents and skills from various division in the entertainment industry with years of experience. In 2010 and exceptional show performance company MEGA LASER ASIA LTD was created. With this much of knowledge and experience, Mega Laser Asia was created to cater to a much-advanced show performance.

The origin of this outstanding company is from Malaysia where all the ideas and plans of Laser technology for performances, shows, concerts and events were put out into action. We are now based in Hong Kong, China and Malaysia.

Mega Laser Asia Ltd has invested in learning and acquiring the Laser performance technology from the European side and brought it to Asia. This gives us an advantage in having the lead in the Laser performance technology. With such introduction to Asian entertainment industry, the demand for our lasers has increased. We will not stop learning, experimenting, exploring the laser technology so that we can deliver the finest quality of laser performance according to our customers’ demands.

With the current laser performance machine’s that we have in our inventory, we are capable of handling multiple events simultaneously. This put us in very challenging position to excel in our industry. This also enables us to discover many ways to comply to our customers ever growing demand.

Mega Laser Asia Ltd will continue to explore and enhance the quality of our services to the laser industry. We bring advanced laser performances to Asia.